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Mississauga Realtors – Rent this Video for Instant Leads

As a Realtor in Mississauga, does it frustrate you that some Real Estate Agents get ALL the exposure because of their deep pockets?  They have Billboards, high-priced web-sites, lots of glossy print, but those not as far along are left out from the thousands of prospects who could really benefit from your service and personal attention.

For one of you, that can change!  Our specialty is ranking Videos high in search so that YOU get noticed.  We ONLY do this for One Realtor per city.

Here is the Mississauga Video…

We RENT out the Ranking of this Video to ONE Realtor in Mississauga.  We know that prospects start their search for a Realtor on the Web.  We also know that Video dominates search clicks.  The average prospect will look at a Video first rather than a typical web-page.  They also look great on a Google Search and stand out from all the other listings.

We will Rent this video to you at a fraction of the cost and at 3 times the impact of a PAID search listing on Adwords.  And, you’ll get more clicks than PAID search because people distrust and studies show ignore the paid search results on Google.

We will put your Name, Web-site, Email address, Facebook, Twitter, Phone number etc. on to this listing so that you can IMMEDIATELY get the attention that this listing has.  We can even put your Picture on the Thumbnail that shows up in search (if you don’t want the Cute Raccoon of course 🙂  ).

Our specialty is Ranking Videos.  We’ve learned that the video doesn’t have to be slick at this point, but it does need to show in search to get LEADS.  It really is all about the LEADS!

Email us today to get details at troy(at) to discuss your situation and agree on a price that works for you to get leads going your way.

Email today!